Change Default Styles in Word 2010

how to modify styles in word 2010

So you don't like Calibri. Or you hate the new paragraph spacing in Word 2007/2010. How can you change the default Word formatting options?

Word stores those settings in the Normal.dotm template file. Here's how to open and modify that template.

Close all Word documents. If you are using Outlook, close it as well.

Copy and paste this phrase into the Start menu search bar.


open appdata in windows 7 search bar

Windows Explorer should open, showing several folders and files, including Normal.dotm.

Right-click on Normal.dotm and select Open. The file should open in Word.

In the styles section of the Home ribbon menu, right-click on Normal and select Modify...

modify styles in ribbon menu

Inside the dialog box that opens, change the Formatting font to your preferred font (here showing Times New Roman.

dialog box for modifying default styles

Select the Format dropdown and select Paragraph.

select format and paragraph to change paragraph spacing

In the dialog that appears, change the Spacing options to your preferred settings (here showing Before: 0pt, After: 0 pt, and Line spacing: Single.

change paragraph spacing in Word 2010

Click OK to confirm paragraph formatting, click OK again to confirm style changes, and then save and close the document. Close Word (if it hasn't closed already).

Create a new document in Word to confirm the new normal paragraph styles.

I've seen other instructions that involve overwriting the Word default styles, but they aren't as flexible or powerful as opening the Normal.dotm template itself.

Do you use styles in Word? What have you wished to change?