Escaping Incredimail

get out of jail free

Like Incredimail? Some do. I don’t. I don’t like getting emails from those who do. I don’t like the dancing graphics, the frankly weird backgrounds, and the advertisements.

As pointed out here, Incredimail is the “Fisher Price of email.” Gaudy, noisy, great for kids. Not professional.

A client began using Incredimail because Outlook Express—his email client of choice—wasn’t available on his Windows 7 laptop. Now he wants to hit the exit, but Incredimail has him boxed in.

  • Incredimail stores its database in a proprietary format. It also doesn’t support IMAP upload, so you can’t use IMAP to transfer data to another email client.
  • Incredimail offers the export of contacts to a CSV format that can be imported by other email clients.
  • Incredimail does not offer any way to export messages in a format that another email client can import, except a one-by-one Save As… that would take forever. Some third-party tools are out there, such as IncrediMail to EML Converter 1.0 and Incredimail to Windows Live Mail Converter, but they are not reputable or not compatible with recent versions of Incredimail or Microsoft Windows or cost $50-100.

Stuck. Right? Wrong.

Enter the liberator—Reynard Incredimail Converter.

This free tool from Reynardware is no-frills, but who wants frills after dealing with Incredimail? Select the Message Store folder, specify the attachments folder, and Reynard goes to work. The program converted about 800MB of data in about 20 min. The converter crashed twice when processing the drafts folder, giving an exception code 0xc0000005 both times. That didn’t inspire confidence, but it mopped up the job when I selected individual Incredimail folder files (.imm) to it to convert. It generates a separate folder for each Incredimail folder and stores the messages in EML format in those folders.

Since my client doesn’t have Outlook, he’s trying Windows Live Mail. Importing messages to Live Mail was a process of using Windows Explorer to drop the EML files en mass into a new folder in the Live Mail interface. Live Mail took a while to process each batch, but it organized them with from, to, subject, and date fields intact.

If you’re headed to Thunderbird, you can import EML files using the ImportExportTools extension, available here.

If you’re headed to Outlook, you’ll need a bridge to import your messages into a PST. Windows Live Mail or Outlook Express can function as a good migration tool. After you’ve imported EML files to Live Mail, Live Mail can export to an Outlook-friendly Microsoft Exchange format.

If you must pick an email client, find one that empowers you… and lets you go when you want to.

Me? I’ve given up email clients a long time ago.

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I wonder if I know that client?:)  and agree totally with the description of Incredimail....not professional at all...

You can try Microsoft Outlook as a your email client because Microsoft Outlook is a professional email client, so escaping from IncrediMail into Outlook use Incredimail to Outlook Converter software which is professional and reliable tool for converting IncrediMail emails into Outlook format.

Yes, I mentioned that tool above, but it costs $70 or so to purchase that software for a one-time get-of-jail use, which I think it is a bit steep. Even Monopoly doesn't charge that much to spring you from jail.

This is Incredimail's latest reply (27th March 2014) to me as a "VIP Suport" member  on the subject of exporting data:

Yechiel (Incredimail Support Center) Mar 27 09:43
Hello Graham,
Thank you very much for your response.
Currently, it is not possible to export the IncrediMail data to another mail client.
However, to save individual messages externally, simply click on File > Save As in the top menu of IncrediMail, and save the message as an "eml" file. You can later open these "eml" files using any standard mail client (IncrediMail, Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.). Currently, it is only possible to save one message at a time, not multiple messages or entire folders.
Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Best regards,
Yechiel Racer
Customer Support

A good reason for leaving or [never] joining in the first place - it's total crap.

I have used Incredimail for years in both XP and now in Vista, BUT, Vista is being phased out so have to move on to win 7.  And that's where the problem starts, Incredimail won't load right in 7, tried 4 different times and ended up having to reformat the 7 drive it was in such a mess.  So I now switch back and forth from 7 to Vista because Vista is where my main email is at.  I have just set up Outlook Essentials on drive 7 because I have other email accounts to manage.  So how do I convert my Incredimail on the Vista drive and get it over to my 7 drive, any ideas??  I have several months to get this done before they phase out the Vista updates.

Ronny, from your description I understand you have set up dual-boot for Vista and Windows 7. If that's the case, you should be able to boot into Vista to extract your IncrediMail emails, which saves them to a set of folders on the hard drive. Copy those folders to the Windows 7 drive, and then boot to Windows 7 and import those folders into your new email client.
If you don't have access to the Windows 7 drive from Windows Vista, or if you run into problems with permissions, save the exported folders to a USB flash drive formatted with FAT32 and copy them to your Windows 7 drive before importing.

Thanks for your reply, I have both drives on the same computer but have to unplug the one that I am not using at that time, but can boot up in 7, then reboot after pluging the Vista drive in and can get to it,  If not, I'll just put the filles on a thumb dtive.  Thanks for your help.