Set up a Linux Web Server at Home for Free

install a linux virtual private server for free

At some point a web hobbyist or developer needs to upgrade from shared hosting to a virtual private server (VPS). For a Windows guy, the learning curve can be steep. Starting at home with VirtualBox can provide the experiences of running a VPS without the upfront cost or the security liability of a publicly-available server.

Here's how to set up your own Linux server at home, without adding any hardware.

What antivirus program should I use?

Do you need an antivirus program on your computer? Almost certainly. If you run Windows operating system on your computer, you need one, unless you do not have your computer connected to the Internet (ever) or a network and do not intend to use any kind of writable media like floppy disks (perish the thought!) or flash drives and cards. In other words, if you are reading these words, you do. Running Apple or Linux?

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