Hourly Rates

Technical support is available at the hourly rate of $60 per hour during normal business hours. Support on weekends and evenings is billed at the rate of $75 per hour. Not-for-profit organizations may qualify for discounted rates (15-20%) on request.

Website design services

Each website design package includes one year of domain registration and hosting, with up to five email addresses. After the first year you may choose the hosting service that best fits your ongoing needs.

Basic Web Design

Standard Web Design

Premium Web Design

Starts at $600 Starts at $1,200 Starts at $1,500
Includes website customized for your business from template, up to 5 pages with contact form Includes custom-designed website, regular updates (up to one hour per month), best for static content Includes website custom-designed using a content management system (CMS), best for frequently updated content (blog, e-commerce)

Website hosting services

These services are available with an annual contract. Domains can be transferred to another hosting provider at your request. A domain transfer can take up to two weeks to complete. The website content always belongs to you and can be transferred at any time.

Basic Web Hosting

Standard Web Hosting

Premium Web Hosting

$65 per year $140 per year $165 per year
Includes one year of domain registration, web hosting, and up to 5 email addresses Includes one year of domain registration, web hosting, up to 5 email addresses, and content updates (up to one hour per month) Includes one year of domain registration, web hosting, up to 5 email addresses, and content and maintenance updates (required for CMS hosting)

Ongoing services

  • Domain registration – annually registering each year
  • Website hosting – leasing space on a web server so people can access your site content
  • Updates – adding fresh content such as new text or photos
  • Maintenance – installing security patches and bug fixes (CMS)
  • Advertising – paying for ad banners or text ads to draw traffic to your website
  • Social media management – using social platforms like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc, to drive traffic and interest in your products or services
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – reviewing your website structure and content to provide the greatest likelihood of appearing in search results